How to get rid of Reels on Facebook App in 2022 (Updated!)

How to get rid of Reels on Facebook App can be your question at the moment when you see a lot of recommendations on your feed and feel so annoyed. That’s the topic of this article to help you turn off reels on Facebook with step-by-step guidelines.

By reading this tutorial, you will be able to learn:

  • What are Reels?
  • Reels format and who uses them
  • Why may you need to consider removing them?
  • What happens when you don’t remove them?

First, let’s talk about “What are Reels” to understand this Facebook functionality better.

What are Facebook Reels?

Reels are a short-form video content type that Facebook initially tested and rolled out on Instagram in 2020. With the growing demand for video content across the internet, they have seen massive success in this short-form video content.

Just like the TikTak came into the scape, they want their user to stay on their platform and not jump on a different app just for the sake of the video.

How to get rid of Reels on Facebook App

It turned out great, and content creators across Instagram love that feature.

In Feb 2022, Facebook finally made a move and decided to answer TikTok’s growth. Reels were officially rolled out worldwide and let users create a short-form video, from 15-sec to 1-mIn, to serve and engage with their audience.

But everyone is not used to seeing these videos; therefore, some people still feel annoyed when they see these Reels showing up on their feed from nowhere. They feel frustrated and question how I turn off reels on Facebook.

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How to get rid of Reels on Facebook app?

To answer this, we have a few simple ways to follow to turn the reel off.

Disable reels on Facebook App

Facebook does not allow this option in the app to remove reels on Facebook App. It’s weird, I know, but this option is not available to us for some reason. However, we have some other methods to follow that can help us to turn off reels fully or partially.

Disable Reels by using the old version of the Facebook app

You can revert to the old Facebook App. However, you may lose some of the latest features of the Facebook App, such as “Dark Mode” or “Care Emoji.”

If you don’t bother with the latest updates from the app, this option is suitable for using Facebook without reels.

Old Version of Facebook

How to use the old version of Facebook?

  1. Follow these simple steps to jump back to the old version of the app.
  2. Uninstall your current Facebook App on your smartphone.
  3. Download the old version of the Facebook app.
  4. Go to your phone settings and allow unknown sources to install apps on your phone.
  5. Install the app and log in with your Facebook ID.
  6. Enjoy! Facebook without reels as by default, there will be no reels in the old version of the app.

Important! Disable auto-update this app if you want to continue using the app without reels, as once it’s updated, you will lose the old version.

How to Stop Facebook from Auto-Update?

This step is crucial as if you let updates on, and you may not be able to use the app without the reels.

Disable Auto-Update Facebook on iPhone

  1. Go to iPhone “Setting.”
  2. Scroll down and go to the “App Store” tab.
  3. Turn Off “App Updates” from the menu.

Disable Auto-Update Facebook on Android

  1. Go to PlayStore and find your installed Facebook App.
  2. Click on three dots from the top right.
  3. Disable “Auto-update.”

Disable Reels using Third-Party Facebook apps

Although Facebook limits us to disable reels directly, many third-party apps are available both for IOS and Android.

These apps give you a similar experience to using Facebook as a native app. These will let you disable or enable Facebook features and give you a clean feed to browse through Facebook.

There must be hundreds of other apps available to download, but I recommend some of the most rated third-party apps.

Disclosure! It is not recommended to use third-party apps for apps like Facebook as they have more access to your data than the original app.

Slim Social

SlimSocial app is available on the Google PlayStore to download. It works just like any other app on the smartphone.

SlimSocial Apps on Google Play Store

Frost for Facebook

Frost for Facebook is another third-party client app available that can help you to remove reels on Facebook.

It’s free to download and available on Github.

Use Facebook on your Browser

Using Facebook on a mobile browser, TBH, is one of the best ways to disable reels on Facebook. Facebook does not showreels on the mobile browser; take advantage of it as you never know it may start appearing in the following Facebook update.

How to remove Facebook reels on iPhone

If you are annoyed and want to turn off Facebook Reels on your iPhone, you have the right option to go for. Friendly Social Browser is a unique app that lets you use Facebook and Twitter without clutter.

Friendly Social Browser App on App Store

Follow these simple steps to get rid of reels on your iPhone:

1- Download Friendly Social Browser from the app store

2- Install this on your iPhone

3- Open Facebook and Log-in

4- Done! Enjoy the Facebook without reels

Hide Facebook Stories/Reels on MacBook or Windows

If you are in the habit of using Facebook on a desktop, you may be looking for a solution to hide reels on MacBook or Windows.

Facebook shows Reels or Short Videos on the desktop by default and does not provide us any option to hide them on desktops.

Luckily, there’s a chrome extension that comes in handy.

Follow these steps to get rid of Facebook Reels on MacBook or Windows.

  1. Go to the Google Chrome Extension store.
  2. Search for the “Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms” extension and install it.
  3. Activate this chrome extension add-on on the browser.
  4. Refresh your browser to see this extension in action.

Above are some standard and tested methods to help you get rid of reels on the Facebook app.

Read these bonus tips that you can utilize to see if they help you reduce distractions while browsing your Facebook feed.

Bonus Tip: Disable Auto-Playing Reels on Facebook

If you want to see more miniature reels or are annoyed by auto-play reels or short videos, then disabling the auto-play option on the Facebook app will do the job.

Follow these simple steps to turn off auto-play reels or short videos.

  1. Go to your Facebook app and open the “Menu.”
  2. Scroll down and open” Setting & Privacy.”
  3. Next, go to “Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Media” tab and open it.
  5. Under AutoPlay, choose the option “Never auto-play videos.”

This step will stop running short video reels & any videos to auto-play and gives you extra room for less distracting browsing on Facebook.

Bonus Tip: Remove your own Instagram Reels on Facebook

Reels or short videos are among the favorite content types creators love to make. As you know, Facebook owns Instagram, and they have enabled the option to show your Instagram reels on Facebook.

But if, just in case, you want to remove them and do not appear to be on Facebook, follow these simple steps below.

  • Go to Instagram App using your smartphone
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the menu and open the Setting tab
  • Go to Privacy and go to Reels options
  • Disable “Next to recommend on Facebook.”

Final Words

We all use Facebook for various reasons and perform different tasks. You may like watching videos that Facebook recommends and interacting with them.

But it’s not the case with everyone.

These can be annoying or distracting for some people, and that is why you may be looking for a solution for how to get rid of reels on Facebook apps.

We have discussed the possible solution available until this time, and I am sure these will help you disable the reels and let you focus on your other task, and enjoy the clean Facebook feed.

How do these methods work for you? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions or know a better method to remove reels on the Facebook app.

Don’t forget to share with us and let other people know the tricks.

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