How To Enable Gzip Compression for Blogger 2022 [Practical Guide]

It’s a common question to have, how to enable Gzip Compression for blogger, if your blogpost site is not loading fast in the browsers.

Gzip Compressing is one way to make your blogger theme’s file size smaller and make it load much faster.

I will be sharing a PHP Code Snippet for you to copy and paste into your blogger theme to enable Gzip compression.

Having optimized and compressed web page file size will not only help the website to load faster, but it also helps in many other things like:

  • Provide a faster user experience
  • Improving your website’s ranking
  • Improve your website’s retention rate
  • Lower the Bounce Rate for your blog

First, let’s talk about why it is essential to use Compression and why it plays a vital role in your search engine ranking.

What is Gzip compression?

Gzip stands for GNU Zip, an open-source algorithm designed and developed by GNU Project to help compress the files for better optimization.

Gzip Compression work on HTTP requests to compress them to have a smaller file size to help the page load faster. Gzip may not support all brewers, but it does support modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Gzip compression work on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS text files to reduce the overall size of the website and increase its performance.

Why do I need to Enable Compression?

You need to have a faster-loading website per Google’s Core Web Vitals. Gzip Compression helps us reduce the page file size, and therefore it loads faster on the net.

Core Web Vital is a Google Ranking Factor that measures your website performance and checks if it loads quicker on the browser for a better user experience.

You can check your website performance here Core Web Vitals.

Other websites are also available to check the website speed, such as GTMetrix & Pingdom Website Speed Test.

Is gzip enabled by default?

Most websites are required to enable the Gzip Compression manually. Whether your website is on WordPress, Shopify, or Blogger, they all have options available to allow the Compression.

How much Compression does Gzip do?

As per Google, Gzip Compression reduces the web page file size by 90%, depending on the current web page size.

You may say this can speed up your website by 3x to 4x times.

What is gzip compression level?

It has compression levels from 1-9, where 1 gives you the lowest Compression, and 9 shows the maximum. Compression level 6 is an ideal level to consider, which offers the best Compression without compromising quality.

Is gzip lossless Compression?

Yes, Gzip is a lossless compression method. Some other examples are also available for lossless compression methods, such as WebP, PNG, and Brotli.

How effective is Gzip compression?

As Gzip compresses the file size up to 90%, it is always worth using it to have a website that loads faster and ticks all the marks on Core Web Vitals.

How To Enable Gzip Compression for Blogger Infographic

Infographic - How To Enable Gzip Compression for Blogger

How To Enable Gzip Compression for Blogger Step by Step

To enable Gzip compression on your blogger theme, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Go to and log in to your account. Log in Screen

Step 2. Navigate to the left sidebar panel and open the “Themes” tab.

THemes Column on Blogger website

Step 3. Now you would say an option for your current theme with the “Customize” button.

Step 4. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Edit HTML”.

Blogger website Theme Customization Options

Step 5. Copy the CODE SNIPPET given below and paste it just under the “<!DOCTYPE html>”, (you can usually find this on the second line from the top).

Important! Make sure you add this code right under “<!DOCTYPE html>” otherwise it will not work.

<?php if (substr_ count($_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING’],’gzip’))ob_start(“ob_gzhandler”);else ob_ start();?>

Blogger website Theme Gzip Code Added

Step 6. Click on the “Save” button from the right.

Boom! You now have Gzip Compression enabled on your blogger theme.

But, is it really enabled? Let’s check that from some of the Gzip Compression tools.

How do you check gzip Compression is enabled or not?

There are many tools available on the market that helps you to check your website if it has Gzip enabled on your website or not. Check some of the Gzip Compression Checkers below.

Over to you!

Now, I will leave this up to you. The next time when you have questions like, How To Enable Gzip Compression for Blogger, You may miss out on better SEO results for your blogger site if you don’t optimize it, or you may choose to enable GZIP Compression for the Blogger site and then optimize it to load faster on the internet and improve rankings.

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